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Scaffolding Safety & Government Regulations

We take yours and our own safety very seriously to the end. We have a full training program and retain a safety advisor to keep us up to date with all relevant legislations.

Employing qualified people to erect your scaffolding and carry out building work should help to make sure your building site is a safe place. However, you should discuss safety issues with the person or company you employ.

We follow a set of rules when it comes to our scaffolds, they are as follows:

  • Only properly trained and competent scaffold contractors can be used to set up scaffold towers and structures
  • If the scaffold will be put up in a public place, the company should schedule all work to be carried out during quieter times, when the risk to passers-by will be lower.
  • Once established, all scaffolding should be thoroughly inspected before it is used. After this, it should be inspected at least every 7 days, and after any alterations to the structure or extreme weather conditions
  • Scaffolding should be erected on a firm, level foundation
  • It is dangerous to erect scaffolding too near power lines
  • Boards used should be British Standard BS2482 as this is the UK Safety standard
  • Avoid building waste falling on passers-by by keeping scaffold boards clear

These rules allow us to perform every job in the safest possible manner for both our trained staff and the general public

We comply with all scaffolding regulations, please visit direct.gov.uk for more information, or contact your local council if you have any questions

Customer Comments

What our customers say

Tapit and Wrapit assisted with the scaffoldiing for work I was having on my property. From the inital call to them packing up the services was top draw. Very professional, would recommend them to anyone

S Abbott

I rang Tapit and Wrapit as I required scaffolding set up on my home. Paul and his team have a clear eye for safety and take the upmost care from the onset and through out. Can't recommend enough

L Lyness